Friday, March 11, 2005

recording audio

What I thought was going to be a good session turned out to be a huge frustration. All the preparations I did last night, the online vocabulary quizzes, cloze tests, all went down the drain when the audio/video material from my online source [CNN] did not work properly. It kept on buffering affecting the students' listening motivation. It was really difficult listening to the material and concentrating on getting the details was becoming a pain.

After class, I went to the office hoping to catch Mr. Tsai, our tech-support guy. He was there alright and I poured out all my frustrations. He suggested that I record the audio but will have to sacrifce the video. At this stage, I have no choice but give up video. He mentioned Total recorder which I have at home, and if it doesn't work, he can lend me a new software that does mp3 recording. I can't wait till monday- my class is on Monday!

Anyway, the moment I got home, I tried recording using Total recorder. It worked alright but I could not get rid of the noise. I think TR has done purposely injected noise so member will add the noise reduction feature which you need to purchase. This isn't an option for me. It's a good thing that BENQ has audio recorder built in so I used it instead. It worked fine but I will have to try this in class to see how clear the audio is if played in the classroom.

sigh. what an exhausting day.



At 7:35 PM, Blogger alvinachen said...

Dear Mrs. Yeh,
Thank you for all what you do for us. it's really touched to see you devoted so much effor for our classes. we all wish we could speak english as excellent as you. you don't need to feel frustrated actually...i think. eventually, studying hard is the duty for students' their own responsibility. you've already provided us so many resources and links. we should try to practice by ourselves anyway. please do not feel bad about the video connection, we all thank for what you did for us.


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