Sunday, March 06, 2005

'Checkbook journalism' threatens profession

Thoughts to Ponder 3

From Taipei Times, By Cheng Jim-ming鄭貞銘

Thursday, Aug 19, 2004,Page 8

"Some academics once suggested that news media be operated by those with the most knowledge, wisdom and virtue. The reason was quite simple: Since news media are influential, they may have a negative impact if they are operated by those without social responsibility."

"At the very least, the "scoop" should meet basic professional requirements of accuracy, objectivity and fairness. Otherwise, how can such "news" meet the test of both society and the media themselves?"

"When such "checkbook journalism" -- in which a publication pays interviewees to answer questions -- becomes a popular new term in journalism, shouldn't we be worried about the situation?"

REad the rest of the article, here.


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