Wednesday, March 09, 2005

March 11 Lecture, Mt Helens Rumbles

Mt Helens Rumbles Posted by Hello

Coughing up ash: Mount Saint Helens reminds scientists that she's anything but inactive.
Steam and ash streamed out of Washington's Mount St. Helens on Tuesday. What are scientists saying about the latest rumblings from under the Earth?

Try the following activities:

Listen for Understanding [don't take down notes]

Listen again but this time take notes!

Listening for Details

Cloze Test

YOUR TURN: Go to our online forum and post your answers to the following questions:

If you lived near this mountain, what information about volcanoes do you think you would need to know? What questions might you want to have answered?

Why do you think that so much attention is being given to the activity at Mount St. Helens?

Group Work: Write a summary of the St. Mt. Helens material.


At 10:14 PM, Blogger alvinachen said...

Dear Mrs.Yeh,

Good day to you, Aiden. I have put my assignment on my blog, please check it.

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At 10:21 AM, Blogger Ada said...

Why do people pay more attention to the eruption of Mt.Sanit Helens? The explosion had ever killed many people in 1980, and Mt.Saint Helens is the only active volcano in America. Although it was a minor explosion on March 11 this year, it threatens people's lives. It is like a bomb that we never know when it will explode. There's no instrument to predict the circle of volcano eruption at present. That's why people are afraid of it.


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