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Assignment 1

NOTE: This assignment is also available at our class forum. If, for example, you encountered technical difficulties in uploading your work to the forum, then use this blog as an alternative. You could post your work by clicking on the "Comments" button below.
Look at the list of situations on p142 of your book, Interactions 2, listening & Speaking, 4th Ed to help you compose your paragraph.
Would you expect a friend to do these things for you? Would do these things for a friend?

Please note that aside from this written assign, you also need to record your voice and save the file as mp3 or wav. Email the recording to me at aidenyeh@yahoo.com
This is my response to Camillia's message:

I can see that you expect your friend to the things that you wrote below but at the same time, you are willing to do same for them. But how would you react if your friend failed to do one of these things? How would you feel?

In response to Angel's message:

You wrote that your friends share your joys and happiness in life, yet you find yourself to be alone in time of difficulties or sorrow. This is sad because true friends should be there for you in times of joy and sorrow. It is when you're down and sad that you needed a friend the most. I hope that you'd be able to find someone whom you could really rely on- specially when you are in need.

Telling the truth or simply being honest to people is sometimes difficult to do specially when you're afraid to let your guards down. You are not alone on this one. Many people do feel the same. However, in real friendships, being honest is not difficult because you trust them and they trust you. It is only when you establish 'trust' can you call someone a 'true friend'.

Sent to my email address:
name: lydia lin
number: 2091200055

1.Would you expect a friend to do these things for
My friend would lend the money to me, and give me a
gift on my birthday.
Tell me secrets, always tell me the truth.
others, like we would go to department store.

2.Would you do these things for a friend?
Yes, i would lend the money to her, and tell secrets
Always tell the truth to her, and take care of her
pets or her children if
she go away on vacation.
Give her a gift on her birthday.
From Tom Lin:

1.Would you expect a friend to do these things for you?

Yes, I always hope a friend to do these things for me. I think all of the things in my life, always need friends, like these things. If someone or one of my friend to do these things for me. I think I am the most fortunate person in the world.

2.Would you do these things for a friend?

Yes, I will. If I have the chance to do these things for my friends. I will never escape. I am think a great deal of the friends. Because in my opinion, friends are as important as my life.

Sent by olivia


1. Yes. I would expect a friend should be a true people. They would always tell you the truth. So, if he wants to be my true friend, he must not be selfish and only interested in himself. He should be helpful to me, especially when I am in need. Above all, he should try to act sincerely and faithfully. Because for a false friend will be one too much.

2. Yes. I would do the same thing for a friend. Because how to make friends becomes an important thing in our lives. Some people say that making friends is difficult. However, I believe as long as you are friendly, honest, and dependable, making friends should be a wonderful thing for everyone.
Sent by Wesley:

1. Yes, I expect my friends can help me to do some things. I remembered, that is two years ago. I was sick in hospital. My friend Keron, he brought some food to me. He gave me a warmth.

2. Yes, he is my best friend. If he has some problems. I think, I will help to him. It is my pleasure. If he need a car to carry some things. I can lend my car to him.



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